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How are you planning to increase revenue in 2016?

It’s that time of the year when our thoughts turn to the upcoming Holiday Season and all its related activities. In addition to the festive related events, for almost all business organizations it is also the traditional time when planning begins for the next year. From budgeting to growth initiatives, the process is crucial to continued success.

Have you begun to think about your 2016 Marketing initiatives? Are you formulating ideas to ensure that your business will grow in the coming year? This is the time to begin that process!

As business owners and managers are charged with the responsibility of increasing revenues and managing growth for 2016, there are two basic and primary avenues to achieve those goals: Sell more to existing customers, or find more new customers/clients. Without a clear plan that delineates how you are going to achieve this, the results can be catastrophic. Are your competitors moving forward with a plan that’s ready to launch in January? Will it give them a competitive advantage by planning now?

We are offering a simple yet highly effective tool that will help you jump-start your marketing planning for 2015. It’s free and available right now. It’s our new “2016 Marketing Plan Worksheet”. We’ve seen great results from taking a brief time to do some basic planning with this tool. Give it a go and see how you can positively impact your business growth in 2016!