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Benefits Of Using Printing Services For Business Promotion

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If you are lucky enough to be in charge of a small business, you will also know how vital it is to ensure that your business does not fall behind. Your customers are so important to the development and growth of your business, but you also need to be looking at ways to reach others who do not know about you yet. Here are some printing services to increase your business's customer base and promote its good image.


If your potential client asks 'what does your company actually do?' why not hand them a snappy and informative brochure that contains all of the above and more? It needn't be a hundred page catalog; just a simple slim line design that gives the following information:

  • Company profile

  • Mission statement

  • Product information - photos and brief description

  • Website address and email details


A postcard is perfect for announcing any sort of news, making people aware of the services you provide, and/or following up after meetings or sales. You can also use a postcard campaign as an introduction to prospects, explain any special offers you have on or simply keep in touch with everyone on your list! What you mostly want to be aiming for with postcards is getting some 'name recognition' out there, as in, being the first thing people think of when they need your service or products. To do this you can use quirky catch phrases or headline, a stock photo with a terrific 'wow factor' or just a photo that expresses what you or your company is all about.


Though flyers falls under the traditional forms of advertising, its still being used up to date and a very effective method of promotion. This is mainly because of its low expenses incurred in making of flyers. An 8.5 x 5.5 flyer is the common and and most appropriate form of advertising. 


Salesheets are another way in which you may help to generate sales with potential clients. This idea is similar to the brochure we already mentioned, but these will contain much more in depth information about your company and products. Think about a snappy design on the cover and plan the contents in a way that the customer will be dialing your number before you know it!

Direct Mail

Small companies can't ignore the ability of e-mail marketing and direct mail advertising. Naturally, both have their benefits and drawbacks. But both is an effective and cost effective method to make new revenue, locate new clients, up sell to present clients, and remain connected with existing clients. And on top of that, both of these advertising approaches can be readily applied in the marketing plans of even the company on a really tight budget. Direct mail snap pack is a fast review and comparison of both approaches.

Presentation Folders

When you show up for a meeting with your clients, you can make a very good impression by producing your presentation materials in a smart folder with your company's details adorning the cover and interior. You can hand a selection of these folders out at the start of your presentation, they acts as a press kit of sorts. The little details like this will make the difference when the meeting is over and they are deciding which company to deal with in the future.

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Ignacio "Primo" Duran, Owner | La Luz Marketing Group
Freelance Marketing Director | Entrepreneur Innovator

I’m a freelance marketing consultant with over 24 years of experience based in San Antonio, Texas. I work closely with marketing directors and business owners who need a strong marketing partner to assist them in optimizing their marketing objectives. I know how tough it can be to find the right marketing partner who “gets” how busy you are and shouldn’t give you extra headaches. I’m that guy that can help!

Back in 2008, I  started La Luz Marketing Group, Inc. We offer full service marketing services such as print, design, web and marketing consulting. My team and I have worked with hundreds of small to medium businesses in different industries.

“Primo” was my radio on-air personality name for 14 years and later I became a sales director for both radio and TV stations. My extensive background in managing marketing campaigns have been a key element in my client’s success. I am married and a busy father of a seven year old son. I’m an active member of River City Community Church and a current school board member at RCBA, a San Antonio area private Christian school.

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